Personalized Redemption Email

Referral Central Starter Package:

  • Welcome letter w/ reorder coupon
  • 100 Referral Slips
  • 100 Referral Postcards
  • 100 Referral Tear-off Appointment Cards
  • Redemption Website (Gift Card Engine)

Total Value: $161.00

You Pay: $45.00*

You Save: $116.00

*Limit 1 package per account

Encourage Customer Referrals

And Grow Your Business!

Referral Central provides an integrated referral marketing program that utilizes printed materials and the web to generate and reward customer referrals — and grow your business!


Train your team to engage current patients in conversations that encourage referrals, then give them Referral Slips to share with friends and family.


Create a culture of referral behavior. From in-office signage to mailed correspondence to patient interaction, use patient communications and giveaways to remind patients that you welcome their friends and family.


Acknowledge and reward patients when they send you a referral. It can be as simple as a sincere, handwritten Thank You note. Or go for the "wow" factor with a gift certificate from a personalized redemption website created through our Referral Central program. Get started today!

Every time a referral happens, the practice activates the reward online. A referral reward email will go out to the referring patient. The patient simply clicks through the redemption site, where they can choose their gift card. The gift card is then sent to the patient.

And just like that, good things happen — customer loyalty is built and further referrals are encouraged.

It's a powerful, low-cost, easy–to–use system that is perfect for service businesses and professional practices of all kinds — from dentists to vets to attorneys to financial advisors. And best of all, it's personalizable — your brand will be the star on all materials.

So what are you waiting for? Permission to grow your business?
Well, it's granted!

Call 1-800-522-0800 today, or get started now.

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